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Marrying at Grovely Parish

Congratulations on your engagement and wedding decision! It is wonderful that you have found your life partner and that you want God’s blessing on your marriage.

Marriage is a legal ceremony. So there are steps along the way that must be completed by Commonwealth Law. Below is provided a list of activities to guide you as you plan your wedding.

Marriage Preparation

We ask that you participate in one of the Marriage Preparation courses offered by the church. Prepare/Enrich is a facilitated discussion for couples wishing to explore their relationship in preparation for marriage or to enrich their life together. Further information about the Marriage Preparation course is available by clicking HERE or by phoning 1300 114 397.

Meeting with the Parish Priest

Takes place once you have completed a “Notice of Intended Marriage.” However this cannot take place more than eighteen months or less than one month prior to the proposed wedding date. That is, you meet with the priest between 1 to 18 months before your wedding. At that time, we complete the legal requirements of the form, and begin to discuss the wedding service.

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Flowers and music

These need to be arranged by you with the appropriate parish contacts which will be provided once you have booked your wedding. These women will help you with choice of music, and with the flowers and decorations, matching your bridesmaids’ colours, etc. Please ring the parish contacts at least three months before your wedding.


The fee for a wedding in Grovely Parish is $1000. This covers marriage administration, the Priest and the use of the church. To engage the services of the Parish Priest at a location other than one of the Parish Churches, the cost is $400.

The services of an organist, the arrangement of flowers and printing of Orders of Service can be organised at additional cost. The cost for an organist will range from $100 to $250 depending on the organist. The cost for flowers in the church is set at $200.

A deposit of $200 is required when the wedding is confirmed in the church diary and the balance should be given to the parish Priest at the rehearsal.

Wedding Service Sheet

Our parish secretary is able to produce your wedding service sheet if you so desire. The cost for printing the Orders of Service is $100. Please contact the parish office to enquire about this process.


If you are planning your wedding, we invite you to speak to the priest about marrying in All Saints church or St Matthew’s church. Please contact the parish office for more information and to check availability.

More Information?

For more information on Grovely’s weddings, please download our Wedding Information Brochure (PDF) or contact us.